Soliloquy of Juliet

Now you occupy my thoughts.

Tomorrow what will you become?

A dream when I sleep. . . a mist as I wake. . .

a sun beaming with light . . .  a rain kissing my cheeks . . .

or a cloud taking me into oblivion till I forgot reality?

I see you’re a traveler, always wandering in and round about my head.

Shall I call you my delight?

What are you to me?

Two decades ago you were nothing.

Yet at this present time, you subtly come into my senses. Be careful, else I will fall. Let my emotions be ruled by One alone.

If you truly are and will be the embodiment of my dream . . .

Then, protect me and my heart from now until you took the courage to be so.

The pen of my story is in but One’s hand.

I am not certain of what to hold on to.

But soon I know all that I’ve waited will be revealed. . . clear as diamond,

pure as pearl, and colorful as the rainbow.