Imagining God

I woke up searching for warmth but found none. I am wrapped in the sweet scent of the pouring rain. Then the thought of God entered my sleepy mind.

I wondered what it would be like to wake up seeing his radiant face as I open my eyes. Hearing his voice saying, “Wake up, my daughter. Enjoy this day I made for you”, would add thrill to my nerves.  How nice would it be to get up and find a cinnamon bread, milk shake, and strawberry for breakfast and dine with the King? Simple as it may seem, the thought of it took me to cloud nine.

How great it would be to stroll in the park with dew of the morning still sleeping on the grass and the cold weather surrounding your body while talking to Him?

But have you ever thought what God would be like if he would take into different forms?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to touch, feel, breathe, and enjoy him?

As for me….

If  he is a rainbow, I would jump over his colorful  rays and slide joyfully along its curve.

If he is a cloud, I would not care if I sleep  a hundred years in his fluffy and cold refuge.

If he is a rain, I would dance and run back and forth until I exhaust myself.

If he is a waterfall, I would dive into him as I immerse in his refreshing taste.

If he is a river, I would be thrilled ride on its rushing flow.

If he is a tree, I would be more than glad to rest my back on his trunk and enjoy his shade .

If he is a flower, I would compete with the bees just to get his sweet nectar.

If he is a lullaby, I could sleep in his melody forever.

If he is a poem, I could recite his verse over and over again.

If he is a love song, my heart will surely melt.

        But he is more than all these. I am just so happy to know that indeed He is.

Then I stood up and saw the sun taking over the gloomy weather. The assurance that He made every day for me (and for you as well) will always be a rhema. So be it.