Unconventional Love

Do you really know what you know about love? Let me take you into a quick journey with Love as I know it.

Let us eavesdrop into this lovely couple

F: Why do you love me?

M: I just love you. You know that.

F: (Sigh) thinks** I wish I could hear someone saying,

I love you because I know that you and I are one. I love you because with you I could not see myself loving anyone else. I love you because I know I love you. I love you in spite of everything that is unlikely to be loved in you. I love you because I love you. And there are no other reasons why I love you but Love.

Now let’s peak in to someone’s mind…

Does love hurts?

Does love or loving could truly hurt someone’s feelings?

We sure have different answers.

I feel deep pity for love.
Over the years, love has been used and misused, quoted and misquoted.

Most of us heard of the famous line: Love Hurts.

And from time to time we could see people broken for the claimed reason of love and loving.

Love does not hurt.

Love is supposed to heal, to bring happiness and life.

It is not in the nature of love to hurt or bruise someone’s heart.

It is not in the nature of love to not love.

Love is pure.
Love is love.

Love does not hurt, only people.

Love could not afford to hurt, bruise or kill.

Because Love is GOD. 

Facets of love other than His Agape love has taken captive of mankind’s emotions. The image of love has been distorted. But I will always believe on the beauty of love and everything that comes with it.

God’s love is unconventional – not bound by this world, and will never be of this world. What we know and experience about love may be far from what He can truly offer. The author of Love and embodiment of Love Himself is complex and  extreme .

And this is what I know of Love.

Thank  you for journeying with me. May you find love the way I did.