When I was a child I talk like a child.

When I grew up, I still talk like a child.

When I woke up, I learned to speak.

When I breathe my last, I gave my final speech.

The moment  it ended, I came back  to life.


Strange Movie

“It sometimes feels like a strange movie, you know,

it’s all so weird that sometimes I wonder if it is really happening.”


Just So

I fell in love with Agnes Obel and her music the moment I listened to this song. She is an amazing singer/songwriter from Denmark. An impeccable artist. In this generation where music is everywhere and good music is rare, she is a jewel.

Classic. Elegant. Soothing. Peculiar. What more can I say? Just listen to her. ;>


I noticed how lovely you are. The almost-perfect glow of sunlight reflected in your face is absolutely gorgeous. Your face is stunning. The beauty that emanates from your heart is contagious. I cannot stop myself from gazing at you. My senses are fixed at your presence. I cannot think of anything else other than you. This nearness feels like a thousand days in the clouds. Everything is free yet wanting. All seems weightless and merry yet undone.

In a moment, I felt your body enveloping mine. Your embrace took me a thousand more days up high. I felt fire in my heart as rivers of tears flow from my eyes. Infected by your beauty, overwhelmed with your presence, and set ablaze with your fire, is there anything else I could long for?

Here I am mesmerized, stuttering, and crying like a lost child.

Your presence is no stranger to me. I am familiar with this feeling. I am acquainted with your embrace. I am aware of what it brings. Every part of my being; the cells in my body, and the neurons of my brain were all excited by your light. The fire you lit in my heart caused a wildfire in my body. I cannot do anything else but fall down on my knees.

I am drawn to you. All that I am is in awe of your beauty and comforted by your warmth. A day spent gazing at your loveliness will never satisfy. A lifetime of pursuing you is too short. In this space we call our own, you had me dazed, stupefied and all other words synonymous to it combine.


Facets of You II

You are my Saturday mornings, my sleepless nights and sometimes my darkest days.

You are the milk in my coffee and the honey in my tea.

You are the pages in my notes and the tears in my diary.

You are my verse from a distant poem.

You are the ink of my pen, the shelf of my books

You are the battling questions in my mind, the rushing words on my paper.

You are the second-hand of my clock and  the keypad in my laptop.

You are the idea in the cloud and the rain when it falls.

You are the sea breeze on an afternoon summer and the  chill on the midnight spring.

You are the water that runs on rivers and the trees that fills the space.

You are that perfect song I always sing, the sweet melody in my melancholy.


I walk into the light

with no definite path

feet moving forward

with heart beating backwards.

Scenes from the past

wonders of the future

all intertwine

in this present time.

Footsteps, heartbeats,

perseverance, reluctance;

all in one trance.

A leap of faith,

a jump of joy,

a clap of praise,

a shout of victory;

all in one dance.

A part of my soul says Yes

the other says, Not yet

Cut into two,

divided into pieces;

all in one chance.

A journey too far,

a love to have,

 one lover to behold,

a life to live,

all will happen once.


Rendezvous with Time

What is there to wait when the time has come?

Years gone by

Like the falling of the leaves

upon the ground

Time took its own flight

As high as the eagle’s

As deep as the ocean

As swift as the falcon

What is there to wait when spring has arrived?

The winds taste different

Waters smell sweet

The fire already set ablaze

What is there to wait when the journey has to begin?

Time for reflection is over

No need to hold back,

Relax and take control.

What is there to wait when the time is in your hands?