Last Wish

I want to walk with you
Not the kind of ordinary walks made by ordinary people
Let us walk when the moon is still up
The stars still bright, like every four in the morning
When everyone’s still lying in bed

I want to walk with you
Not on ordinary pavements or at some crowded park
Where ordinary people come and go
Let us go and stroll at some strange island
Overlooking unknown horizon, against sharp winds

I want to walk with you, I really do
To hear your heart beat next to mine
To feel our hands dance in the rhythm of tide
To free our senses from the bars of the past
Fall on a trance we shall call romance

I want to walk with you
To see your face in the silent moonlit
To crack jokes only us understands
To seize this waking moment
We shall call ours

I want to walk with you
No one else but you
I don’t care what else we’ll do
We can let the time pass by tasting the morning dew
Or walk a mile ‘til our feet become sore

I want to walk with you
Without a care of the world,
Free from work,
Away from the city,
Quieted by the sea

I want to walk with you
Unlike ordinary walks we did for the last five years
Where we used to chase time, catch our breath,
And seize naught.

I want to walk with you
Unlike ordinary people like us
But like some crazy old friends–
Without care, drunk with laughter,
And perhaps, truly happy.

I want to walk with you, my dear
You know I really do
If we could have cheated death
And escaped time,
This last wish will surely be mine.



When was the last time I felt really and deeply happy?

Was it the time when my family used to go on this public pool surrounded by rain forests and friendly strangers?

Was it when an MVP and an actual school heart throb laid eyes on me?

Was it when I bagged medals every end of the school year?

Was it when I dreamed of my first kiss?

Was it when I felt the nearness of a perfect bliss touching my virgin skin?

Was it when I let out a deep cry in my heart and felt a rush of love called heaven?

Or is it sleeping somewhere in the oblivion waiting to come alive?


How about your own happiness?


You said this would be better

I nodded, thinking you were sober

Few days passed,

No trace of your face or ass

We’re back to square one

Convinced you’re not my man

Again, we’re strangers to ourselves

No mem’ries of romance left

All died when you said it’s over

I agreed feeling stronger

I grew content without you

Without pain, without truth

Sleeping alone in the moon

Always waking up at noon

To escape morning dews

The boring familiar blues

Like us dancing in twilight

Imitating fireflies at midnight

My heart pounds like death

Numb, fearless, without breath

My body without a soul

Unleashing needless howl

If only you can hear me

I would rather be with thee

Than be free yet in grief

Come, heed me without disbelief

Leave your den, my love

Come back like a dove

Even if you’re odd, insane, and sober

I’d love you till it takes forever

distant stares

distant stares
occasional nods
unheard musings
sometimes enough

uncertain eyes
timid heads
converse in the air

when shall
become we?