Out of the Ashes

You lifted me out of the ashes. You breathed and I came to being. You embraced me and I felt loved. You carried me by your hand. Away from my fears and failures. 


A New Beginning

Life is so beautiful. Here I am in a new place surrounded by new people with an unfamiliar air. THIS is an answered prayer.

After my eight-month stint/volunteer work at our church, I am now working full-time as a college instructor. I knew I love teaching, but I never knew how tough this is until now.

It’s been two months since I started teaching. Doing the thing that I love to is not easy. There were days that I don’t feel like teaching or going to school. There were moments that I would feel low and pull myself together just to BE in the mood. I don’t know why I feel this. I guess it’s my tendency to keep myself in a comfortable spot. Or maybe I don’t like my job? Or I really don’t like to work? O.O

Each day is a humbling experience. I am learning a lot about myself. Who I am and who I am not. I discovered that the greater part of becoming a teacher is dealing with students. It’s motivating them how to think for themselves; to think beyond what the book or the world offers them. It is challenging because most of them are used on the conventional method. Some frown at me and expect me to feed them with information. I am just not like that.

I am learning how to be more patient and tender with my students especially those highschool-ish ones. I always remind myself that if Jesus was able to love his stubborn disciples, I believe that I could love my students too. After all, I have a secret mission. 😉

So, where could this new path lead me?

We have yet to see.

All I know, Jesus is leading me.