Out of the Ashes

You lifted me out of the ashes. You breathed and I came to being. You embraced me and I felt loved. You carried me by your hand. Away from my fears and failures. 


Good Morning, Daddy!

You are full of heart-warming surprises. Every day is such a wonderful day to be with You. My smiles are getting bigger and bigger. Why is that? Is it because I am lost inside your big big heart that all I can do is jump up and down and get lost in The Dance?

I’ve never felt this way before. But as I can see, there would be more surprises and lots of love. This isn’t a dream for I am wide awake and ignited.

My heart is full of you! It’s bursting with butterflies and rainbows. Thank you for showing me the Wonderful Things.

Keep me awake. I wouldn’t want to sleep and miss you.



A New Perspective (On Writing)

The Father’s voice is beckoning me to write. Not the melodramatic stuff that usually pops out of my head or swells from my heart. He is telling me to express deeper things. Those things that the two of us share. He compels me to release the intimate, express the inexpressible, and articulate the stillness.

I pray and hope that my pen will serve as a double-edged sword to pierce the hearts of the reader or a gentle hand to touch those who needs encouragement, and most especially to meet those whom God intends to have an encounter with.

This, I believe, will be an exciting yet thrilling journey.

Come and join me!

Intently watching, forever beckoning

On the time of my conception you were filled with gladness. The night I was born you shook the heavens in celebration. The moment I made my first few tiny steps you had a sheer smile on your face. When I said my first words, you’re listening. Every time I sleep you are beside me. When I dream, you dream with me. I wake up in the morning seeing your radiant light and glory. In my every breath you are there to breathe back.

You made every second to be with me.

You are the beat of my heart

The air that I breathe

Perfume to my soul

The trail in my journey

The colors of a gloomy weather

The clouds in sunny days

The dew in my morning

You are the beauty in everything

You have filled me with gladness. In every success and achievement I had you were there to celebrate.

Now, I am not just taking few tiny steps. I am starting to take few big steps to my journey. The wings you gave me are beginning to take a few flights to where I should be. The feet you gave me will soon take a leap out of the sand where I used to play. The heart you bestowed me will begin to sweep every fiber in me. The eyes you placed in me will soon shed tears of ambiguity and melancholia. But I will always allow myself to be overwhelmed only  with your affection. And I will always be aware of your eyes; intently watching, forever beckoning.



I look at you and see the stars in the night sky. I feel the cool breeze embracing my body. I look at you and feel the warmth of the sun in your face. Your eyes, they are deep and riveting. Like that of the ocean where I can dive and loose myself.
I look at you and found who I am. A single unexpected collision in space. And I’m lost. Forever.




Floating and Thinking: A Status Update

Last night before I went to sleep, I asked God of what I am to do next and where I should go. I heard his voice in my heart. A word was embedded. It hit me in the head. Now, I’m thinking about that word and how it will affect my decisions and change my life. I woke up this morning with the same thoughts. They now occupy a significant space in my mind.

I usually ask God before I make concrete decisions. But sometimes, when He answers me, I feel like I have to hear another answer. The one that would make me feel at ease, an answer that perfectly fits what I want or most of the time what I think I want.

Many people are asking what I will do next since I recently graduated from college (Oh Yes! Praise HIM!). They want to know where I’m planning to work and what kind of work I would like to do. I’ve thought a lot about it. Intensively. Seriously. Like a removal exam. Make or break. All or nothing. Haha!

Well, what I really wanna do with my life is to travel the world, explore the endless possibilities, do research and publish relevant studies, change lives and transform nations one at a time. But I’ve got to start somewhere, right?

That somewhere can be too far or it can also be land where I am now.



I noticed how lovely you are. The almost-perfect glow of sunlight reflected in your face is absolutely gorgeous. Your face is stunning. The beauty that emanates from your heart is contagious. I cannot stop myself from gazing at you. My senses are fixed at your presence. I cannot think of anything else other than you. This nearness feels like a thousand days in the clouds. Everything is free yet wanting. All seems weightless and merry yet undone.

In a moment, I felt your body enveloping mine. Your embrace took me a thousand more days up high. I felt fire in my heart as rivers of tears flow from my eyes. Infected by your beauty, overwhelmed with your presence, and set ablaze with your fire, is there anything else I could long for?

Here I am mesmerized, stuttering, and crying like a lost child.

Your presence is no stranger to me. I am familiar with this feeling. I am acquainted with your embrace. I am aware of what it brings. Every part of my being; the cells in my body, and the neurons of my brain were all excited by your light. The fire you lit in my heart caused a wildfire in my body. I cannot do anything else but fall down on my knees.

I am drawn to you. All that I am is in awe of your beauty and comforted by your warmth. A day spent gazing at your loveliness will never satisfy. A lifetime of pursuing you is too short. In this space we call our own, you had me dazed, stupefied and all other words synonymous to it combine.


Imagining God

I woke up searching for warmth but found none. I am wrapped in the sweet scent of the pouring rain. Then the thought of God entered my sleepy mind.

I wondered what it would be like to wake up seeing his radiant face as I open my eyes. Hearing his voice saying, “Wake up, my daughter. Enjoy this day I made for you”, would add thrill to my nerves.  How nice would it be to get up and find a cinnamon bread, milk shake, and strawberry for breakfast and dine with the King? Simple as it may seem, the thought of it took me to cloud nine.

How great it would be to stroll in the park with dew of the morning still sleeping on the grass and the cold weather surrounding your body while talking to Him?

But have you ever thought what God would be like if he would take into different forms?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to touch, feel, breathe, and enjoy him?

As for me….

If  he is a rainbow, I would jump over his colorful  rays and slide joyfully along its curve.

If he is a cloud, I would not care if I sleep  a hundred years in his fluffy and cold refuge.

If he is a rain, I would dance and run back and forth until I exhaust myself.

If he is a waterfall, I would dive into him as I immerse in his refreshing taste.

If he is a river, I would be thrilled ride on its rushing flow.

If he is a tree, I would be more than glad to rest my back on his trunk and enjoy his shade .

If he is a flower, I would compete with the bees just to get his sweet nectar.

If he is a lullaby, I could sleep in his melody forever.

If he is a poem, I could recite his verse over and over again.

If he is a love song, my heart will surely melt.

        But he is more than all these. I am just so happy to know that indeed He is.

Then I stood up and saw the sun taking over the gloomy weather. The assurance that He made every day for me (and for you as well) will always be a rhema. So be it.