have you ever felt lost inside a poetry?

that’s what i felt when you captured my heart

i got dizzy and drowned myself in your voice

your words floated in the air like a smoke in a pot

have you ever felt lost inside someone’s head?

that’s what i felt when you held my hand

the sensation made me uncomfortably happy

it brought me to trees, hills and bliss

have you ever felt at home in a strange place?

unknowingly, that’s what you do to me

with you, i always feel home — never alone

how comforting the peace you bring

have you ever felt supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

(whatever that word really means)

that’s what i feel this moment

diving into your hopeful smiling eyes,

i could only whisper: may this last forever



I fall out of the clouds

Down down down

Under my skin

I jumped off a cliff

Down down down

Under my skin

I leaped into love

Up up up

Back to the sky

i am without

in solace,
heart bathes
while somewhere, somewhere
thought travels

without warmth
missing laughter

rain —
my faithful companion,
rainbows —
my constant delight

times pass
like a funeral song
at the peak of day
i embrace death

at the time of moon
i come alive
across the sea
lies my reverie

and i calm myself
and gaze and long for
the beauty of whom
i am without

Of joys, songs and daydreaming

Joyful, happy days
What are them to Mays?
All seems fair and bright
Just as feathers in flight

Life’s always in tune
Like birds singing to June
Nothing feels wrong
Come and sing your song

As I sit and wait
I dread and dreamt
Of a faraway place
Lost in space





the night is young
we can still share a dance

the star-filled sky is beckoning
they utter melodies like a thousand cherubs

nothing is too hard or awkward
loosen up and live!

till our bodies fly and float above
nothing is heavy

we are weightless as feathers
numb as numb

vague as we already are
odd as we can possibly be

the night is young
but we are not

Without Pretense and Spectacles

To kiss the night sky bursting with stars,

To see the dreamer awaken from sleep,

To deem this life without weep,

To celebrate birth with pure tears,

To read stories in deafening silence,

To tell them with so much enthusiasm,

To see a blinding light,

To be guided by a flickering lamp,

To walk in haste,

To doze without care,


To love,

To consummate love,

To enjoy life,

To sink in sorrow,

To pursue a dream,

To build a career,

To create a family,

To grow old,

To die

And live again. 


All. Everything . . .  without pretense and spectacles, these  

                                               bits and pieces of irony make up a whole life,

                                                                            or perhaps death.